The Customer

The House of Angostura is a leading manufacturing company in the Caribbean that produces a collection of rum brands, bitters brand, other spirits and non-alcoholic beverage brands.

January 24, 2024: Angostura will be celebrating its 200-year anniversary and is preparing for a full year of festivities in honour of its bicentennial. We can look forward to new product releases, commemorative limited editions, and incredible anniversary parties which is planned for worldwide celebration. The House of Angostura has successfully maintained its
significance for 200 years because they continue to innovate and build on its legacy.

The Challenge

Trinidad & Tobago is a country known for its Carnival and Angostura will carry this legendary, vivacious energy through its anniversary celebrations locally and internationally; customers will enjoy classic White Oak Rum in a bold new look celebrating the bicentennial with the traditions, artistry and spirit of T&T. They will bring excitement to Carnival 2024 by unleashing the spirit of the culture with a commemorative limited edition White Oak Rum, as bold and vibrant as the masquerade itself!

The Solution

Angostura partnered with Label House Group experts who were able to navigate their requirements and create the perfect solution by offering a full execution branding plan with comprehensive solutions in one place.

LH Group offered its Shrink Sleeve Solution, full coverage, which is eye-catching, durable, and cost-effective. This growing trend offers an array of choices using rapidly advanced technology.


Shrink Sleeves with complete 360° exposure, full-body design for Angostura Limited Edition White Oak Rum Bottles. Four (4) assorted customized bottle sleeves, each with a different style, bold colour and vibrant pattern. These shrink sleeves boasts durability, are scuff resistant, unique finishes and stunning graphic effects. LH Group’s in-house graphics team was able to support their design/prepress specialists to ensure success. Once the sleeves are implemented/executed, they are packaged for retail distribution. The product is visually striking and commands attention in a fiercely competitive market.

Additional Branding Solutions & Support

LH Group was able to deliver a full branding execution plan to bolster and compliment White Oak Rum in a bold new look via:

  • Shrink Sleeves

  • Gondolas for selected Supermarkets

  • Duty-Free packaging which holds all 4 collectable bottles

  • Carnival Towers to promote brand

  • Billboards at high traffic areas to build awareness

  • Social Media awareness which compliments Angostura’s social platforms

LH Group provided Angostura comprehensive support throughout their branding journey. Our team of experts navigated the entire process by brainstorming from inception, providing branding solutions and beyond.